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Genealogy: Hall
(Immigrants of Germany)

First Generation

Before discovering George Haal and our ancestral line, we had begun to assemble various Hall references in the Perry County area that possibly pertained to our family. What results in this genealogy is our supposed ancestors beneath the entry "Our Hall Ancestors" and other lines as yet unconnected under the entry "Other Halls of Central Pennsylvania".

Individuals in this second group are identified with a last name followed immediately by a figure in parentheses to indicate separate lines. (The particular figure given each one means nothing--they are regularly restructured for clarity.) In working in this way, an exhaustive documentation is being developed on the Hall name in the region without including them specifically within our family. These included "stray" lines then remain to be connected to our own if more evidence ever turns up.

One caveat to this method is the likelihood that many unrelated individuals will be included in the database. This could prove particularly challenging for us because a line of over two thousand English Halls exists in only four counties away in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. While that line is not included here, there are other Halls, especially from counties east, that have been included because they could very well be part of George's line.

A different convention is used to distinguish Halls throughout the database that are probably unrelated. These unlikely non-Germanic Halls are denoted with pluses ("+"), to distinguish them from the other possible connections.


I do hope that the following account is accurate. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of this information with comments, questions, or corrections.

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This genealogy is maintained in electronic format with Roots Magic (for Windows), [http://www.rootsmagic.com].

Our Hall Ancestors had the following children:



Our Hall Ancestors.



Other Halls of Central Pennsylvania.