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Genealogy: Hall
(Immigrants of Germany)

Fourth Generation

30. Yohanes (Johannes/John, Senr) Hall32,46,53,54,55,56,57 was born on 27 Nov 1764 in Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania.52,58 He was baptized on 19 Feb 1765 in Allemaengel Church, Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.59,60 Baptism by Daniel Schumacher, sponsors are listed as Henrich and Susanna Zimmermann. He appeared in the census in 1790 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.55 He died on 11 Apr 1836.58 He was buried in Lebanon Lutheran and Reformed Churchyard, Loysville, Tyrone Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania..58
Johanes (German for "John") is our oldest Hall ancestor in Perry County Pennsylvania. He is found in his will as "John Hall, Senr.", the 1790 Census as "Jno. Hall", and on his cemetery stone as "Yohanes Haal".

Johanes Hall moved west from the Allemangel in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, to modern day Perry County at some point in the early 1800's. It seems likely that he was accompanied by fellow Germans because we find numerous Longs associated with the family for the next hundred years. In fact, three of Yohanes' children marry Longs, possibly themselves syblings.


Johannes baptism is found in the records of Rev. Daniel Schumacher, one of the more than 1,500 he performed during his lifetime. In it, Schumacher specifically records that he was "born the 27th of November 1764", the son of Jürg and Anna Magdalena Haal, and sponsored by Henrich and Susanna Zimmerman.

Cemetery Stone

His cemetery stone, behind Lebanon Lutheran and Reformed Churchyard in Loysville, Pennsylvania reads:

Hier rulien die ge/ Gine yon Yohanes
Haal gebohiem de
17[sic] Nov 1764 starb
den 11 tem April
1836 alt 71 yehr
[A]M und 14T

[roughly translated]

Here rests ________ of John
Hall born on
17 Nov 1764 died
in 11 April
1836 at 71 years
4[?]months and 14 days

1790 Census

The 1790 Census of Berks County (which includes modern day Perry County) lists "Jno." Hall as being a household of 1 Male 16 up, 3 Males to 16, and 3 Females. This fits what we know about Yohanes given that in 1790 he was married and had 3 sons under the age of 16. If one female was Mari Elizabeth, the two remaining would be unexplained, although they could have easily been laborers, the couple's mothers or other relatives living with them.

1800 Census

In the ten years from the previous census, Yohanes' family grows. We find him listed as "John Hall, Farmer" and listed as the only male between the ages of 26 and 45. But there are now two boys between 10 and 16 (George and John, Jr.), and three more less than 10 (Henry, Jonathan, and Daniel). In addition to wife Mari, listed between 26 and 45 years old, it appears their daughter Rebecca, born the year of the census, is listed as the lone female child listed less than 10 years old. The last two children, Moses and Catharine, are not born yet so this record appears to fit everything we know to date.

The Will of John Hall, Senr.

[the actual transcription of this document is now provided online in the docs section]

Additional Research

Abram Sager Hall writes that he finds record of Yohanes' baptism when he is three months old. The date is February 19, 1765, he is listed as the son of Jurg Haal and Anna Magdalena, and his sponsers are Henry Zimmerman and Susanna.

Vicki Ames records Johanes birth date as 27 Nov. 1765, a year off of what we find on his cemetery stone.

Mari Elizabeth Hill?46,61 was born on 29 Jan 1766. She died on 11 Feb 1836.
An undated transcription of Elizabeth's cemetery stone in Loysville says:

Hier ruken die gebeine
von male.
ELizabeth a fraul
von Yohanes Haal
Gebohrer dim 99 den
Htem Hornung 1836 alt
To Yohn und 12 tage.


Below on the same page is written in a different hand, as if to summarize:

Elizabeth w. Johanes Haal
d. 1836, aged 70 + 12d

We also have an index for the cemetery found online that indicates the stone reads, "HAAL, Mari Elizabeth w/o Yohanes, 70-0-12, 29 Jan 1766, 11 Feb 1836".

The Johannes Hench Family in America records Elizabeth's last name as possibly being "Hill". Yohanes (Johannes/John, Senr) Hall and Mari Elizabeth Hill? had the following children:



Georg Hall.



John Hall.



Henry (Heinrich) Hall.



Maria Magdalena Hall2,15 was born on 3 May 1792.2,62 Dr. Abram Sager Hall lists Maria's birth date as 3 May, her Frieden's Church baptismal records 6 May. She was baptized on 27 May 1792 in Friedens Union Church, Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.62 Maria's Frieden's Union Church baptismal records list her as the daughter of Johannes and Elisabeth Hahl, sponsored by Jacob and Magdalena Zimmerman. She died in 1793.2 Dr. Abram Segar Hall writes, "girl baby Hall -- not one year."



Jonathan Hall.



Daniel Hall.



Rebecca Hall.



Moses Hall.



Catharine (Catharina/Katherine) Hall.



(others from "Churches...") Hall.63
These Halls are described in Churches Between the Mountains, A History of the Lutheran Congregations in Perry County, Pennsylvania, by Rev. D. H. Focht, 1862. They are the descendants of Johanes Hall, created here as a single person to keep track of them. Below they are arranged by church and date:

St. Andrew's (Shuman's) Church in Saville Township (about two miles east of Ickesburg)

had communion and confirmed into membership
Peter Long [husband of Rebecca Hall, son-in-law of Yohanes]
Henry Long [brother?]
Daniel Hall [son of Yohanes]
Miss Elizabeth Long [future wife of Jonathan Hall]
Miss Rebecca Hall [daughter of Yohanes, eventual wife of Peter Long]
Miss Margaret Long [future wife of Henry Hall]
Nicholas Lyons [great ancestor of another family line of ours]

1836 [page 139]
John Hall [son of John and Rebecca?]
Jonathon Hall [son of Jonathan?]
Miss Elizabeth Hall [daughter of Yohanes, future wife of ]
Miss Mary Hall. [daughter of Henry and Margaret, Jonathan
and Elizabeth, or Moses and Catherine?]

1842 April [page 134]
George Kretzing
Diana Kretzing
Catharine Kretzing [listed adjacent, without a "Miss" - married?]
Rebecca Hall [daughter of John and Rebecca?]

Lebanon Church (Loysville)

1815 Dec 9 [page 33]
Daniel Hall [son of Yohanes]
Mrs. ____ Hall

1821 Spring (?) [page 35]
Moses Hall [son of Yohanes]

Bloomfield (New Bloomfield by 1 Dec 1855)

1846 June 7 [page 110]
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall [wife of Jonathan?]

Emanual Church (two and a half miles west of Ickesburg, Saville Township)

1848 May 14 [page 205,6]
Jeremia Hall [son of John and Rebecca]
Sophia Hall [daughter of John and Rebecca]

1860 April 28 [page 209-11]
George R. Hall
Jeremia Hall March 1852-1855
Henry Hall May 1857-1859

Petersburg (the west bank of the Susquehanna as far up as Liverpool)

1847 April 25 [page 223]
Joseph B. Hall (baptized)


1857 April 12
Elizabeth Hall
Peter Hall
Sarah E. Hall